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Data from other receivers

  DF3LZ - Hamburg, Germany - Perseus SDR with 80m antenna
454 messages today
  PA0038SWL - Netherlands
158 messages today
Hellenic-NAVTEX_Monitor-Station - Mt Hymettus_ATHENS.GR
144 messages today
  Cyprus Radio 5BA - Larnaca Cyprus
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  Potsam - Germany JO62LJ - Potsdam - Germany JO62LJ
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  DF3LZ - Hamburg, Germany - Perseus SDR with 80m antenna    06:55:21 2020-12-01

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StationMessageTypeReceived (GMT+1)Quality
KKA49Nav warning2020-12-01 06:43:32100View
KKA53Nav warning2020-12-01 06:43:02100View
KKA58Nav warning2020-12-01 06:42:22100View
KKA61Nav warning2020-12-01 06:41:41100View
KKA62Nav warning2020-12-01 06:41:01100View
JJA88Nav warning2020-12-01 06:29:19100View
JJA49Nav warning2020-12-01 06:28:49100View
JJA62Nav warning2020-12-01 06:28:08100View
JJA94Nav warning2020-12-01 06:27:38100View
JJA96Nav warning2020-12-01 06:26:48100View
JJA97Nav warning2020-12-01 06:25:57100View
JJA98Nav warning2020-12-01 06:24:47100View
JJA02Nav warning2020-12-01 06:24:06100View
JJE12Met forecast2020-12-01 06:23:0696View
IIA27Nav warning2020-12-01 06:19:45100View
IIA36Nav warning2020-12-01 06:19:15100View
IIA49Nav warning2020-12-01 06:18:44100View
IIA50Nav warning2020-12-01 06:17:54100View
IIE08Met forecast2020-12-01 06:17:03100View
GGA56Nav warning2020-12-01 06:06:52100View
GGA61Nav warning2020-12-01 06:06:22100View
GGA72Nav warning2020-12-01 06:05:41100View
GGA74Nav warning2020-12-01 06:04:51100View
GGA90Nav warning2020-12-01 06:04:10100View
GGA96Nav warning2020-12-01 06:03:40100View
GGA98Nav warning2020-12-01 06:01:29100View
GGB48Met warning2020-12-01 06:00:59100View
GGB49Met warning2020-12-01 06:00:38100View
FFA86Nav warning2020-12-01 05:57:08100View
FFA62Nav warning2020-12-01 05:56:27100View
FFA63Nav warning2020-12-01 05:55:37100View
FFA64Nav warning2020-12-01 05:54:56100View
FFE84Met forecast2020-12-01 05:54:0688View
EEA76Nav warning2020-12-01 05:49:35100View
EEA96Nav warning2020-12-01 05:48:35100View
EEA16Nav warning2020-12-01 05:47:54100View
EEA31Nav warning2020-12-01 05:47:34100View
EEA34Nav warning2020-12-01 05:46:54100View
EEA35Nav warning2020-12-01 05:46:23100View
EEA37Nav warning2020-12-01 05:44:13100View
EEA39Nav warning2020-12-01 05:42:42100View
EEA42Nav warning2020-12-01 05:42:22100View
EEL65Navigation2020-12-01 05:41:51100View
EEB05Met warning2020-12-01 05:40:41100View
DDB37Met warning2020-12-01 05:32:00100View
SSB49Met warning2020-12-01 05:14:18100View
AAA87Nav warning2020-12-01 05:05:0799View
AAA85Nav warning2020-12-01 05:03:16100View
AAA71Nav warning2020-12-01 05:02:4596View
EEB05Met warning2020-12-01 04:57:4589View
GGB48Met warning2020-12-01 04:56:44100View
WWA59Nav warning2020-12-01 04:41:3399View
VVA51Nav warning2020-12-01 04:31:0198View
UUA78Nav warning2020-12-01 04:28:41100View
UUA77Nav warning2020-12-01 04:27:20100View
UUA76Nav warning2020-12-01 04:21:29100View
TTA56Nav warning2020-12-01 04:14:49100View
TTA58Nav warning2020-12-01 04:13:38100View
TTB56Met warning2020-12-01 04:12:4878View
SSA63Nav warning2020-12-01 04:06:37100View
SSA81Nav warning2020-12-01 04:05:56100View
SSA85Nav warning2020-12-01 04:05:16100View
SSA84Nav warning2020-12-01 04:04:35100View
SSA87Nav warning2020-12-01 04:04:05100View
SSA90Nav warning2020-12-01 04:03:25100View
SSE41Met forecast2020-12-01 04:02:44100View
SSB48Met warning2020-12-01 04:01:34100View
RRA78Nav warning2020-12-01 03:59:13100View
RRA77Nav warning2020-12-01 03:57:33100View
RRA76Nav warning2020-12-01 03:56:02100View
RRA75Nav warning2020-12-01 03:55:12100View
RRA74Nav warning2020-12-01 03:54:21100View
RRA73Nav warning2020-12-01 03:53:01100View
RRA72Nav warning2020-12-01 03:51:30100View
PPA88Nav warning2020-12-01 03:40:09100View
PPA77Nav warning2020-12-01 03:39:29100View
PPA55Nav warning2020-12-01 03:38:48100View
PPA51Nav warning2020-12-01 03:38:08100View
PPA08Nav warning2020-12-01 03:36:47100View
PPE05Met forecast2020-12-01 03:36:07100View
OOA20Nav warning2020-12-01 03:30:56100View
OOA41Nav warning2020-12-01 03:30:36100View
OOA42Nav warning2020-12-01 03:30:05100View
OOA76Nav warning2020-12-01 03:29:25100View
OOA78Nav warning2020-12-01 03:28:34100View
OOA79Nav warning2020-12-01 03:28:14100View
OOA82Nav warning2020-12-01 03:27:33100View
OOA85Nav warning2020-12-01 03:25:13100View
OOE77Met forecast2020-12-01 03:23:22100View
OOA87Nav warning2020-12-01 03:20:42100View
NNA25Nav warning2020-12-01 03:17:2199View
MMA60Nav warning2020-12-01 03:03:09100View
MMA75Nav warning2020-12-01 03:02:39100View
MME91Met forecast2020-12-01 03:02:09100View
LLA42Nav warning2020-12-01 02:56:08100View
LLA37Nav warning2020-12-01 02:55:37100View
LLA39Nav warning2020-12-01 02:55:07100View
LLA41Nav warning2020-12-01 02:54:37100View
LLB39Met warning2020-12-01 02:54:06100View
LLE81Met forecast2020-12-01 02:53:2699View
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