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Quick start guide
  1. Download the .zip file.
  2. Create a directory and unzip the file into it, keeping the directory structure intact.
  3. Start the program by double clicking the 'JavaNAVTEX.jar' file, or from the command line with 'java -jar ./JavaNAVTEX.jar'
  4. Connect your radio to your computer as described here.
  5. For 518kHz NAVTEX, tune your radio to 516kHz USB and the NAVTEX signal will appear at about 2kHz in the tuning window.
  6. The Java version will run a bit slower than the PC version. If your computer has trouble keeping up, you'll see [CPU LOW] appear on the screen and some data may not be decoded correctly.
So far NAVTEX Decoder Java Edition has been confirmed working on the following platforms
Windows XPSun Java version 1.6.0
MAC OS X (10.4.8)Apple Java version 1.5.0_06