VirtualDub Video Filters

Here are a few Virtualdub filters that I’ve developed over the past few years:

HSV quantiser (poor man’s rotoscoping)

After watching the rotoscoping effects in ‘A Scanner Darkly’ I thought, “How hard can that be?”. Well the answer is “quite hard”. And you’re never going to get the process to be fully automatic. But here’s a filter that automatically adds a cartoon-like effect to videos. First it quantises the HSV channels to 2-bits per channel, then adds outlines to borders of areas with large colour variation. The effect relies on careful lighting and scene selection for best results, but can be quite effective. Use this with blur filters before and after to reduce the noise into the filter and to smooth the outlines generated by the filter. Here are some examples:

Download HSV quantiser filter



Simply puts a framecounter in the corner of the display. Counts from the first frame (00:00:00:00) at the framerate of the video stream:



Cool temporal effect

Simple effect to add DYNAMISM to scenes! Achieved by replacing every third frame with the last but one.

Download filter

Here is an example to see what this looks like:

BEFORE (1.6Mb)          AFTER (1.4Mb)

Cheap scanlines effect

Makes your video look like a cheap telly by dimming every other pair of lines, alternating each frame.

Download filter

This is what it looks like:

Use with greyscale, blur and brightness/contrast for a nice 405 line TV effect:

Videocrypt encoder/decoder

Recreate the days of Sky analogue with this Videocrypt encoder. It rotates each line at a random position, then the decoder filter tries to put the picture back together again by finding the maximum correlation between adjacent lines:

Download encoder Download decoder

This is what it looks like:



Wave effect

Apply a wave effect to video. Currently it’s not adjustable but a future release will allow the manual setting of the frequency, amplitude. Also the phase to change the rate that the waves move up the screen.

Download decoder

This is what it looks like:


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